Terrible! Video of Python Snakes Spit out monitor lizards

Terrible! Video of Python Snakes Spit out monitor lizardsSnakes have long been known to prey on large animals, including the giant python in Thailand.

A video that had been viral some time ago showed a giant python in Thailand spewing back a half-sized monitor lizard on its way to the nature reserve.

According to reports from local media, the snake was found in a culvert where a resident and wildlife officer was called to arrest him.

However, the snake caught inside because of its bulging body. The officers were forced to break down the culvert just to get the snake out.

Apparently, this python just swallowed a monitor lizard. He also had difficulty escaping or even resisting the ambush of officers who would take him to the nature reserve because of objections from the body.

The reason is, after eating “big” is the worst time for a snake to be attacked. Pythons that do not have teeth to chew their food must swallow their prey round months and wait a few weeks for the stomach enzyme to finish digesting.

“When they swallow something relatively large, it can make them less able to move.

So when attacked, it’s normal for them to regurgitate their food, “said Max Nickerson, curator of herpetology at the Florida Museum of Natural History quoted from National Geographic,

Although this habit occurs in various types of snakes, pythons usually spit out the most shocking things because of their large body size. B

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It took an extra struggle to get the gray lizard out completely from the piton’s stomach. When caught in the culvert, the tail tip can still be seen from the snake’s mouth.

However, the shape of the new lizard is seen when this snake moves backwards slowly and releases the lizard’s body little by little. Finally, the remains of a lizard still intact beside the snake. Previously, there were also cases of pythons spewing antelopes. Even in Indonesia alone, there have been cases of pythons swallowing a human round.