Terrible!! Typhoon Jebi hits Japan, millions of people evacuate

Terrible!! Typhoon Jebi hits Japan, millions of people evacuateTyphoon Jebi, with wind speeds of up to 216 kilometers per hour, is expected to be the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in the past 25 years.

More than one million people in Japan were forced to leave their homes on Tuesday (2/9), due to storms, strong winds and heavy rains brought by typhoon Jebi.

The Japanese weather agency also warned of the possibility of landslides, floods and high winds, as well as high waves, lightning and tornadoes in parts of the Japanese archipelago.

Jebi is taken from Korean which means “swallow.”

Ryuta Kurora from the Japanese weather agency said the typhoon was “very strong” and “This (the strongest) since 1993.”

Local media reported Air was seen flooding the Kansai International Airport located near the sea. Runways and airport basements are flooded with water from high waves carried by storms. All flights in Kansai are canceled.

The storm was also seen throwing a tanker that docked in Osaka Bay to a bridge.

So far there have been no major damages elsewhere and no injuries.

Public transportation is disrupted

Bad weather has cut electricity and forced the cancellation of more than 600 flight schedules and trains and ferries.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged people to evacuate early and ordered the authorities to take all necessary steps to protect citizens.

“I urge everyone to take action to protect your life, including preparation and early evacuation,” Abe said.

Instructions for evacuation will affect at least 1.19 million people in western and central Japan.

Japan is often hit by major storms during the summer and autumn.

Jebi moves quickly in the northeastern lane and is expected to weaken after crossing all of Japan.

Tokyo’s capital is located far from the center of the storm but is expected to be hit by heavy rain and strong winds on Tuesday night