Terrible, Trapped Pedestrian killed 19 tons of CPO oil in Palembang

Terrible, Trapped Pedestrian killed 19 tons of CPO oil in PalembangSukirno (60), a pedestrian when he was about to cross from Jalan RE Martadinata towards the Street of Resident Abdul Rozak Street, Palembang, South Sumatra had to die after his left foot was run over by a CPO oil truck 19,

Hendri (32), who was a bad truck driver, must now be detained at the Palembang Police Station for the incident. Hendri said, the tank truck he was carrying came from the direction of the stretch and was headed towards Boombaru port.

When passing at the scene, the victim suddenly crossed until the left foot of the victim was crushed by the car’s wheels. Hendri admitted, when the truck drove at a low speed of about 20 kilometers per hour.

However, his view was blocked by a private car in front before running over the victim’s leg. Also read: Collision Minibus, Groom and 12 Family Members Are Killed “I really don’t see, because there is a private car in front.

Suddenly the victim shouted, I immediately stopped, “said Hendri. The crowd who saw the incident tried to rampage Hendri. However, the truck driver surrendered himself. “I am responsible, because I really did not see the victim.

“I carry 19 tons of CPO oil, the victim was hospitalized but was declared dead,” he said.

Head of Laka Post 602 Pakjo Satlantas Polresta Palembang Aiptu Edwar explained, Hendri is currently being questioned regarding the incident. In addition, the crime scene was also carried out by hearing testimony from witnesses to find out the complete chronology of the incident.

“For a while, the chronology of the truck driver will turn, but suddenly there are victims who want to cross. The driver did not see the victim because he was blocked by a Jazz car in front of the truck, “said Edwar.