Terrible! Passenger Plane Convair CV-340 Record Seconds Burn Engine until the plane crashed

scary! Passenger Record Seconds Burn Engine to Aircraft FallA passenger-made video recording when a plane crashed that left two people dead and two Australian pilots in critical condition appeared on social media.

A total of 19 passengers were on board the Convair CV-340 crashed at a milk processing plant on Tuesday last week near the capital of South Africa, Pretoria. A video recorded by a passenger sitting near the left wing shows the moment when the plane’s engines were on fire.

“The situation is getting worse, and getting worse,” came the voice of a man in the video before a woman’s voice spoke in Afrikaans.

“Why are we shaking like this,” the woman asked. “The pilot must turn off the engine so we can reach the runway,” replied the man. Just before the plane crashed, the same man’s voice returned. “God, this is going to be so bad.

“Afterwards the video turned black while passenger shouts were heard shouting inside the cabin.” Everyone’s out! It’s all out! Everything came out! “Came the sound of a man’s shout before the video stalled.

As a result of the accident two people working at the ranch were seriously injured and one of them died in the hospital. While one other death was a technician from South Africa who was in the plane that fateful.

Meanwhile, two Australian retired pilots Douglas Haywood and Ross Kelly are in critical condition. The 64-year-old plane is scheduled to be flown to the Aviodrome aviation museum in The Hague, the Netherlands where the plane will be on display.