Terrible!! Destroy Dam in Laos Hundreds of Missing Persons

Terrible!! Destroy Dam in Laos Hundreds of Missing PersonsSearch efforts were intensified to find hundreds of missing after a dam collapsed in southeastern Laos.

Officials of the Attapeu Province have used helicopters and boats to try to evacuate stranded villagers.

Requests have also been made to government agencies and other communities to provide emergency relief to victims, such as clothing, food, drinking water and medicines.
The dam of a hydroelectric plant in Attapeu Province collapsed, on Monday (23/07), so flash floods directly hit six surrounding villages.

The Laos news agency reported that at least 20 people had died and “hundreds of others were missing”.

The floods also left more than 6,600 people homeless.

a video circulating on the internet shows a number of trees and rooftops surrounded by murky water.

The crowded boats are also visible.

A woman, whose video show ABC Laos uploaded to Facebook, cried and prayed when evacuated by boat. He told the rescue team that his mother was still trapped in a tree.
Authorities say flash floods caused by a broken dam killed at least 20 people. (Reuters)

The collapsed dam is a reinforcing embankment called “Saddle Dam D”. The building is part of a network of two main dams and five small dams at the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric project.

The dam is still under construction, around 90%, and is expected to start commercial operations next year.

A spokesman for SK Engineering & Construction, a South Korean construction company involved in the construction of a dam project, said the cracks at the dam were first discovered on Sunday (22/7) before finally the dam collapsed.
The Thai company that has the biggest share in the project, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding, revealed that the dam “has been cracked” after “continuous rainstorms” causing “high volume water to flow into the project reservoir”.

As a result, water “leaks into the area below and flows into the Xe-Pian River” which is 5 km away.

He also said that refugee warnings have been issued to local residents.

Heavy rains reportedly took place in the last two weeks and on Sunday (22/07) rainfall reached 450 mm.