Teens Worshipers of the Unique Wood Burning Demon Church in Russia

Teens Worshipers of the Unique Wood Burning Demon Church in RussiaAn 18th-century historic wooden church in Karelia, Russia, was burned by a 15-year-old teenager. Locals call the teenager a devil worshiper.

The Church of The Assumption of Our Lady was built in 1774 on the edge of a beautiful lake in Kondopoga City. The attack occurred last Friday.

Investigators said the structure of the church building burned from within, where guards were late in noticing the flames.

The 42-meter-high church made of wood cannot be saved by firefighters and becomes ashes in a few hours.

A 15-year-old teenager who has become a suspect has been detained by the police. He was originally visiting his grandmother in Karelia for a summer vacation.

According to local media reports, he used five liters of gasoline to destroy the historic building. Local residents told the Life tabloid that the teenager was a devil worshiper. “He always dressed in black,” said the eyewitness who declined to be named, as quoted on Tuesday (08/14/2018).

According to witnesses, the teenager did not resist when arrested. He actually laughed when the police officers handcuffed him.

The teenager has been placed in a detention center for teenagers. His mental condition will be examined.

Russian media, Komsomolskaya Pravda, reported that the teenager committed a crime after receiving a “signal” on social media.

Acting friends told the newspaper that he was browsing the website on his tablet when his face suddenly changed. He then stood up and said; “I will burn the church”.

There are plans to rebuild the unique church in the same place using the remaining blocks. According to artists, the project will cost more than USD1 million.