Swedish Fighter Jets Fall After Collision with Birds

Swedish Fighter Jets Fall After Collision with BirdsA Swedish fighter jet crashed after a collision with a bird in southern Sweden. The pilot survived after throwing himself from the plane.

“It was a collision with birds and the pilot had to throw himself,” said Johan Lundgren, a spokesman for the Swedish Armed Forces, as quoted by AFP news agency on Tuesday (08/21/2018).

When the incident happened today, Tuesday (8/21), the fighter jet pilot was on a training mission. The fighter jet is a Gripen Suit aircraft produced by the Swedish aerospace company, Saab.

The incident occurred about eight kilometers north of the Swedish military air base, near the southern city of Ronneby.

The pilot has been taken to the hospital for a medical examination.

Swedish authorities said the incident took place in a remote area and reported no casualties.

Charlotte Billgren, a Swedish Transport Agency official told the TT news agency, about 400 similar incidents per year were reported in Sweden.