Stretching !! Falling from his Apartment, 5-Year-old Boy Hanging on Floor 19

like a falling spidermen from his apartment, 5-year-old boy hanging on the 19th FloorA boy was hanging on the 19th-floor balcony of an apartment building in Shenzhen, China after falling from his apartment after being left alone.

The boy hung for 20 minutes until a man on the street saw him and reported the incident to the security apparatus. The boy was sleeping when he left his flat on the 20th floor of Diwang Square after the grandmother went to attend his morning gymnastics session.

However, soon the boy wakes up and searches for his grandmother. With the still sleepy condition of the boy walking towards the balcony window.

Somehow, the boy then fell from the balcony of his apartment. Lucky he managed to catch a fence in the apartment bakon located just below his residence.

After hanging for about 20 minutes, Peng Changjing’s housekeeper saw the boy. “I was terrified to scream because I was afraid to scare him.

He then looked at me and asked for help, “Peng told Peng then told the building security officers on duty that Yong Xiaojun, Xu Qiyang and Luo Linqi got the report, the three security officers rushed to the building where the boy was hanging.

Arriving on the 20th floor, the three officers were forced to break down the apartment door where the boy hanging and managed to save him. The residents who initially strained to watch the event immediately cheered happy when the boy could be saved.

The grandmother, likely to face the charge of neglecting her duties as a parent, very pleased his grandson no less than anything. “Usually he just woke up at 10:00,” said the grandmother. “He was awake when I was going down and I told him to go back to sleep,” he added.

The grandmother added that she had asked her grandchild to look her down if she woke up.

“Usually he knows how to open the door and go downstairs, I do not know why he chose to use windows,” continued the grandmother. While the boy confessed, his apartment door was locked so he chose to climb the window to find his grandmother.