Stretching! Fallen plane in Mexico, allegedly due to strong winds

Stretching! Fallen plane in Mexico, allegedly due to strong windsAll passengers and crew survived an accident that afflicted Aeromexico airline in Durango, Mexico, on Tuesday (31/7).

“Ninety-seven passengers and four crew are on the Embraer 190 plane,” said Mexico Transport Minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza as quoted by CNN on Wednesday (1/8).

Aeromexico says flight 2431 is scheduled to take the Durango route to Mexico City. The accident happened near Victoria Guadalupe International Airport. The airport is now closed.

“Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our passengers and crew on board,” Aeromexico said.

Aeromexico said it was working with authorities to provide medical care for 101 passengers and cramped flight crew.

“We deeply regret the occurrence of this accident and the thought of the families affected by the disaster.Now we focus on addressing the situation and doing whatever it takes to help the passenger and crew families in these difficult times,” Aeromexico said.

Photographs from the scene showed thick smoke rising from the plane in the middle of bushes and tall grasses. Rescue teams, firefighters and fire engines were spotted at the plane crash site.

Durango Governor Jose R. Aispuro earlier said there were no reports of injured passengers. Durango is located 885 kilometers northwest of Mexico City.