Still Wearing a Wedding Gown, Action for a Victim of Victims of Viral

Still Wearing a Wedding Gown, Action for a Victim of Victims of ViralMarriage is one of the most awaited moments for every couple. As experienced by this Chinese couple. However, because of his very high dedication and humanity, he had to stop his marriage for a while to help someone.

According to Shanghaist, a nurse surnamed Xie from Dalian, China, jumped out of her car to immediately provide first aid to a woman who had a traffic accident. At that time, Xie clad in a wedding dress was on her way to her wedding ceremony when she witnessed an accident.

A female victim believed to be in her 70s fell from her vehicle after crashing into a car. Xie rushed to provide assistance to the woman, made a rescue effort to make her aware until the paramedics arrived at the scene.
Unfortunately, the woman died shortly after arriving at the hospital. However, many netizens praise the bride for doing their best to save victims.

Photos of Xie who performed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with her wedding dress were viral. Many social media users give credit for the actions taken by Xie.

Xie, who was known by a nurse, also explained that it was only his duty to do his best to save the lives of accident victims. “Salute for his dedication, hopefully the life of his marriage is happy,” said netizens