Spicy Competition Eat 50 Chili in 1 Minute Time in China

Spicy Competition Eat 50 Chili in 1 Minute Time in ChinaAre you a fan of spicy? But, have you ever imagined soaking in a pond full of red peppers? In China, the imagination is manifest in the annual chili-eating competition in Ninxiang city, Hunan province.

On Monday (9/7/2018) AFP proclaimed, for anyone who was eating 50 chili peppers in a minute, would be crowned the winner of the race. The winner is entitled to carry 24 carat gold coins weighing 3 grams.

Release Video Trial A local youth, Tang Shuaihui has won the competition held at an amusement park, and has now entered its second year.

The committee did not forget to provide doctors in case anyone needed medical treatment. A total of 10 contestants hold each plate containing 50 chili Tabasco, then as soon as possible to spend the little spicy red. They all soak in a shallow pond filled with water with three tons of floating chili.

Superior than any other competitor, Tang ate the chili in 68 seconds. The blistering weather that hit her body was ignored. “He completed it with great speed, almost after the announcer finished speaking,” said Sun Minying, an employee at the Tanhe Ancient City entertainment park.

For information, Chili Tabasco has a spicy rating of between 30,000-50,000 on Scoville Scale. In the size of spicy chilli, the Tabasco chili is in position between jalapeno and habanero. Related to the chillies that float in the pool, the committee chose a much weaker variety in the spicy level.

This is done to avoid skin irritation that can be suffered by contestants. Culinary in Hunan province, China, is known for its spicy flavor and color. Dishes in the region fall into eight major Chinese culinary traditions, along with dishes from Sichuan, Cantonese, and others. Meanwhile, the chili festival in Hunan will last until the end of August 2018. Of course, a fresh pepper eating contest will take place every day until the end of the festival.