South Korea Experience the Hottest Temperatures of the Last Century

South Korea Experience the Hottest Temperatures of the Last CenturySouth Korea recorded the highest temperature, 43 degrees Celsius – the hottest weather since the country began to register its temperature in 1907.

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, also experienced the highest temperature with a rate of 39 degrees.

Already more than 28 people have died because of the very hot waves, according to government officials.
This is the second time the temperature of the country has risen above the 40 Celsius mark, after previously the southeastern Daegu City experienced it on August 1, 1942.
The country is experiencing a long heat wave after a rainy season with low rainfall and high atmospheric pressure from Tibet so that it gets hotter.

Another factor is the wind from the east, from the Taebaek Mountains in eastern South Korea.

The warm air that raises the temperature in Seoul is known as the dry foehn.

Most likely the temperature will continue to rise in the country, including in Seoul in a day.

In Asia, heatwaves also hit Japan. On Monday (23/07), a heat wave occurred in the country. The warmest temperature recorded in Kumagaya, about 86 kilometers from Tokyo reaches 41.1 degrees Celsius.
The temperature broke the previous five-year record of 41.0 degrees Celsius in August 2013 in Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture.

As a result of this heat wave, as many as 77 people have died and 30,000 people have to be hospitalized, according to data from Japan Disaster Management Agency and Kyodo news agency since July 9 until Sunday (22/07)