So Sweet, Fencing Athletes apply for their Lover After Winning at the 2018 Asian Games

So Sweet, Fencing Athletes apply for their Lover After Winning at the 2018 Asian GamesThe 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games become the venue for athletes from various countries to show their skill and sportsmanship. No exception for Antonio Lam Hin-chung who plans to immediately retire as a fencing athlete. In addition to competing optimally, Antonio also took advantage of the opportunity to apply for his girlfriend after winning the match. Of course this romantic moment had seized attention.

Hong Kong fencing athlete Antonio Lam Hin-chung made a scene in the venue where the match took place when applying for the lover in front of the media, officers and spectators of the 2018 Asian Games. Convention Center (JCC).

Antonio’s lover, Nicole, was deliberately coming to Jakarta to watch the match. Fortunately, Antonio’s performance at that time did not disappoint and managed to become the third winner. This historic opportunity was then used by Antonio to ask Nicole to be his wife which of course was answered ‘yes’.

“My happiness is double. There are many fencing trainers but there are also high-quality athletes and I want to stay in sports and help develop fencing in Hong Kong,” he said.

“Last night it was amazing, with all the teams, my sisters, fencing and volunteer friends. Nothing, even myself, knew I would do it (apply). Only after winning the medal did I decide to apply,” Antonio added.

His decision to apply for Nicole was indeed done suddenly. Antonio also asked for help from the 2018 Asian Games volunteers to collect 99 roses for a bouquet of flowers. Nicole herself admitted that she was always sure to marry the man especially Antonio was a dedicated figure in his sports career. Nicole also always supports the decision of her fiance.

“I know he can’t be separated from fencing and I know he wants to teach prospective fencing players so I will support him,” Nicole said.

The atmosphere of JCC immediately turned into emotion and romance when Antonio proposed his girlfriend. The spectators who witnessed it were also happy and moved. But there was one incident that made the moment even more memorable. Terence athlete Lee Chak-fung was given the task of playing A Little Happiness from Hebe Tian during the application procession. But unfortunately, he plays songs too fast so he feels guilty.

Terrence was disappointed and even cried when his colleague took a photo with the fiancee. But this certainly does not damage the happiness of Antonio who will marry his girlfriend for eight years. “I was very happy to win bronze today, so I thought of a marriage plan and I can’t believe I did it here,” Antonio said.

“This is the fourth AsianGames for me and I have an emotional connection with this event. So I feel comfortable applying here. I almost gave up in 2010 and when he was (Nicole) was there for me in difficult times,” he added.