“Snake-bodyed” shark with 300 discovered teeth, as old as dinosaurs

Snake-bodyed shark with 300 discovered teeth, as old as dinosaursNot long ago, the Portuguese found a species of rare and oldest shark that existed 80 million years ago, as old as the dinosaur period.

To my horror, this shark has hundreds of sharp teeth. Researchers working on the project off the coast of Algarve, Portugal, were very surprised when they found a large fish with an unusual face.

His body is elongated like a snake, and his teeth are strange. Unlike common fish teeth, the tooth structure is circular with a number of 300 teeth. Apparently, the fish is a frilled shark. This name was chosen because of the shape of the mouth and teeth.

Research, This is the Explanation Already living since the time of the dinosaurs, the shark is one of the oldest species that still exists today.

According to reports in the Daily Mail Online reported by scientists from the Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere, Portugal, catching these rare sharks while they are carrying out activities to minimize unwanted catches in commercial fishing.

They said this shark was male with a length of 1.5 meters and was captured at a depth of 700 meters from the Portimao resort in Portugal.
With a body that resembles a snake, things like this are rare and rarely known to the world of biology.

One of the causes, because the habitat that lives in the deep sea and is rarely empowered by humans. “The 300 teeth make it possible to trap squid, fish or other sharks when they suddenly attack,” explained Professor Margarida Castro, a scientist from the Algarve University.

Sharks have several peculiarities, such as gill additions, large mouths, eyes on the sides of the head and boneless fins. Keep in mind, this is not the first time a shark is found. Last December, a fisherman named Roman Fedortsov also uploaded a photo of a shark captured in Russia to his Twitter account.