Sitting on Other People’s Chairs in the Train, This Man Becomes the Target of Netizen Anger

Sitting on Other People's Chairs in the Train, This Man Becomes the Target of Netizen AngerA man in China was subjected to criticism and outrage by internet users after a video showing him occupying someone else’s seat on a viral train on social media.

The incident occurred on a high-speed train that was on its way from the capital of Jinan in Shandong Province to Beijing, on Tuesday (08/22/2018).

In the video recording, the man called Sun surname argued with a train staff who asked him to move to a seat according to what he bought.

But the man refuses to reason that he cannot stand and has agreed with the woman who should sit in the chair to switch places.

SCMP reported, Sun was said to sit randomly on a half-empty train car and fell asleep. But when the owner of the seat he came to and woke him up to sit in his own seat he refused to move. Sun then argued with the train staff and said a number of reasons for being able to remain in the chair and insisted not to move.

The attitude of the man who is considered uncooperative and even pretends to be defective triggers the anger of netizens. After the video became viral, Sun found himself getting criticism and criticism from internet users. Even Sun found his identity card and telephone number already spread in cyberspace.

As a result, he was forced to lock the online payment application on his cellphone because people started trying to access his account. Speaking to the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper, Sun admitted that while sitting in the chair the train was half-empty and he had offered to exchange seats with the woman who owned the seat but the offer was refused.

But Sun admitted that he had shown a bad attitude towards the train staff and apologized. Sun even made an apology video which was then uploaded so that netizens stopped “attacking” him.

As a result of his violations, Sun also got negative points on his social credit system. He was fined 200 yuan and his right to buy train tickets was limited to a certain period. While the woman who owns the seat occupied by Sun is reported to have obtained a better replacement seat in the business class.