Sighting of the “Hand of God” Bridge, New Tourist Attraction in Vietnam

Sighting of the "Hand of God" Bridge, New Tourist Attraction in VietnamBetween the thick forest in the mountains of central Vietnam, two giant hands appeared from behind the trees, supporting a golden bridge.

Above the bridge dozens of people take turns making selfie in one of the latest tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Designed for visitors to feel they are walking on “God’s hands”, the Golden Bridge, as it is called, attracted thousands of tourists since it opened last June on the hill of Ba Na not far from Danang city.

A series of photos of this bridge has become viral on social media, even this surprised the architect who designed the bridge.

“We are proud that our work is well known throughout the world,” the architect of TA Landscape Architecture, Vu Viet Anh told AFP news agency.

With a length of 150 meters, this bridge snakes through a hilltop forest that was first used by the French military as a stronghold in 1919.

Now the region has become a tourist destination complete with cable cars, replicas of medieval French countryside, beautiful gardens, and a wax museum which features celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Michael Jordan.

The only remaining French colonial remains are the ruins of vacation homes that visitors can see when they use the cable car.

However, the main attraction sought by visitors is the Cau Vang bridge or the newly built Gold Bridge.

“This bridge is very beautiful with an extraordinary architectural style, from here we can see the city of Danang, it’s really beautiful,” said a visitor, Nguyen Trung Phuc. “I travel quite often but have never seen a bridge as beautiful as this,” said Nguyen Hien Trang, another visitor.

The Bana hill project is developed by Sun Group, which also works on projects in other parts of Vietnam. In 2016, Sun Group built a cable car on Vietnam’s highest mountain, Fansipan in the tourist area of ​​Sapa.

The project sparked complaints from local residents because it was considered to be detrimental to the scene and destroyed the “treking” tour guide business that had been the mainstay of the residents. Vietnam is known for its unique and controversial tourist attractions.

Earlier this year, a “crystal cloud” installation made with 58,000 Swarovski crystal beads on the terrace farm area was often opened in northern Vietnam.