Shocking Confession of Former ‘Kittens’ Concerning Harun Yahya Group

Shocking Confession of Former 'Kittens' Concerning Harun Yahya GroupA former follower of Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya gave a startling confession. The woman who was once a “kittens” who always accompany Oktar called rape common in the Oktar group and many teenagers became victims.

Ceylan Ozgul admitted to join the Oktar group in 2006 and managed to ‘run’ in 2017 ago. He was willing to give information to the Anadolu Agency news agency after Oktar’s arrest on Wednesday (11/7).

The young women who were called ‘kittens’ by Oktar used to accompany him on a television show that combined religious and dance talks. Ozgul said, the ‘kittens’ always carry two pistols while traveling anywhere. In his admission, Ozgul calls Oktar’s group “full of obscenity”.

“The organization is full of obscenity in it.The children aged 7 years to 17 years are sexually abused, some of them repeatedly raped,” Ozgul told Anadolu Agency as reported by Turkish media, Hurriyet Daily News, Thursday (12/7/2018) ).

“Some of the kittens were carrying two pistols that were illegally obtained while they were hanging out on the street,” he said. “I am aware of their activities against the country and their activities abroad, I am emotionally disturbed, so I run away,” Ozgul said.

Oktar was arrested by Turkish police on Wednesday (11/7) yesterday. The arrests are part of a raid operation at 120 Oktar-linked sites, spread across five Turkish provinces. In addition to Oktar, about 166 people called as followers were also arrested. In total there are 235 people who hunted Turkish police related Oktar group.

According to the detention order, as quoted by Hurriyet Daily News, Oktar and his followers are charged with very various criminal charges. Starting from forming criminal gangs, sexually abusing children, sexually assaulting, kidnapping children, sexually harassing, extortion, and imprisonment.

Then proceeded to carry out political and military espionage, commit fraud by exploiting religious feelings, laundering money, breaching privacy, falsifying official documents, violating anti-terror laws, coercing, slandering, preventing citizens from carrying out conscription, incitement, and giving false vows.

Not only that, Oktar and his followers are also charged with smuggling, tax evasion, bribery, torture, illegal personal records, violations of family and women protection laws and violation of citizens’ rights to education and participation in politics.

The indictment was compiled from various reports filed by many of the reporters whose ages range from 11-40 years. Furthermore, Ozgul expressed confidence that the dozens of charges charged to Oktar and his followers were not unfounded charges. “I have personally witnessed a number of crimes mentioned in the arrest warrant, this is a group that conspires against Turkey,” he said.

When asked why join Oktar group, Ozgul admitted that he was ‘eager to learn Islam’. “I believe in them and then I find myself in their bosom, you will soon realize the big nasty that comes after you see all the things they do,” he said.