Shocked, Python Snake Belly Enlarges New Thinking of Humans

Shocked, Python Snake Belly Enlarges New Thinking of HumansA 7-meter long python with an enlarged stomach condition made a scene for the residents of Bandar Agung Village, Pasemah Air Keruh Subdistrict, Empat Lawang District, South Sumatra,

The discovery of the python began when local residents were about to head to the garden. Because of the glut of swallowing prey, the python could not move and only circled in the middle of the road.

Afraid that the snake was preyed on by humans, local residents immediately came to catch the reptiles. After the snake died and was deflated, it was discovered that the python had turned out to prey on a wild boar.

Head of Pasemah Air Keruh, Indra Supawi, said the discovery of a large python had happened twice. The snake had previously preyed on livestock belonging to residents. “So far no human has been a victim.

“The python used to prey on pigs, initially afraid that there would be people who were preyed on, it turned out that they had eaten prey on pigs,” Indra said. When it was found, the python was alive and had been taken to one of the residents’ houses.

After being confirmed dead, they split the piton’s stomach to see what he was preying on. “It happened twice, many livestock animals were lost. The possibility of not being able to move because of a glut, “he said.

Bandar Agung Village Chief, Rian explained, the large size python was first discovered by a resident named Tajudin.

When he found the snake, Tajudin was going to the garden by himself. Because of fear, he also called other residents. “This python has been brought and stored near the residents’ houses and is dead. The snake is 7 meters long,” said Rian.