Scramble for Shells, French-British Fishermen Collide with Ships

Scramble for Shells, French-British Fishermen Collide with ShipsThere were clashes between French fishermen and British fishermen. More than three dozen French and British fishing boats crashed their boats to fight shells in the Seine Bay, Normadia.

British Fisherman Head Normandy Dimitri Rogoff said that his party had requested protection from the Royal Navy.

“France went to contact Britain to stop them and they clashed with each other,” Rogoff told the BBC as quoted by ABC,

He said, shellfish became a superior product and the main resource in the Normandy region. For that, he also reminded that French fishermen can be patient waiting to take shells on October 1 in accordance with French government regulations.

“Scallop is a superior product for Normandy, the main resource and very sensitive problems. We don’t want to stop them from fishing, but they can at least wait until October 1 so we can share,” he said.

Furthermore, Rogoff said, the British National Fisheries Federation also requested that fishermen negotiate well on land. Instead of even clashing on the high seas.