Scientists Claim Solve Mystery of Lost Ships in Bermuda Triangle

A number of British scientists proposed a new theory related to the loss of a number of ships in the Bermuda Triangle region. Based on the results of a recent study, the ships were lost in a 100-foot “evil” wave.

At least 1,000 people have been missing in the region in the past 100 years, and an average of four aircraft and more than a dozen yachts are lost every year there. The famous mysterious triangle region is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean and stretches 270,271 square miles between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.
Experts at the University of Southampton, England, say the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle can be explained by natural phenomena known as “evil waves” – which only lasts a few minutes.
According to scientists, this study was first observed by satellites in 1997 off the coast of South Africa. The research team reportedly built the USS Cyclops model, a 542-foot Navy cargo ship that disappeared in 1918, claiming 300 lives. The ship captain never sent an SOS emergency call, and extensive searches did not find the wreck.

Based on reports from The Sun, which first informed of this new theory, scientists used indoor simulators to recreate the water waves of monsters.

Doctor Simon Boxall, a marine and earth scientist, said three major storms that came together from various directions in the region could be perfect conditions for evil waves. Such surges in water can swallow ships, such as Cyclops.

“There are storms in the south and north, coming together,” he said.

“And if there are additional storms from Florida, it could potentially be a deadly formation from evil waves. They are steep, they are high – we have measured waves over 30 meters (98 feet),” he explained, as quoted by IBT, Friday (3 / 8/2018).
The unusual events in this region date back to 1493 and the first voyage of Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) to the New World. The explorer was noted to have compass malfunctions and saw strange lights.

After the loss of the USS Cyclops, another mystery occurred on December 5, 1945, when five US Navy torpedo bombers – Flight 19 – carried 14 people flying from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on a regular workout.