Save the Baby, Mother Posum Grappling with Python Snake

Save the Baby, Mother Posum Grappling with Python SnakeAustralian marsupial species caught on camera managed to save his son from python snakes.

Eyewitnesses who saw the incident revealed how the beginning of the incident until the parent of the possession bit the python.

“When I saw a python pick up a baby animal from the back of its mother, I immediately took the camera and took a picture of it,” Christine Brich Williams said.

. Williams’s photo results were then viral on Facebook this week after being distributed by The Snake Catcher 24/7 Sunshine Coast.

From six photos of Williams, it was seen how the python wrapped around a small posum.

Another photo shows the parent post that attacks the python by clawing and biting it. Williams said the fight was won by the post.

“The last photo shows the parent holding the baby to the back and then leaving,” he continued. The Museum Mammals Collection Manager of Queensland, Australia, Heather Janetzki said the photos that had been captured by Williams were rarely seen.

“Although I have never seen a position against pythons before, it can be a very aggressive animal. And that is not surprising,” Janetzki said.
“(Photo) shows the power of a mother’s instincts.

So it’s not unusual for a mother to do anything to protect her children. It is the same as what is posumed in this case, “he explained.