Saudi destroyed two Houthi missiles in Riyadh sky

Saudi destroyed two Houthi missiles in Riyadh skySaudi Arabia intercepted and destroyed two missiles fired by the Houthi rebel group from Yemen to the capital Riyadh on Sunday (24/6).

“Saudi Royal Air Force forces intercepted and destroyed the missiles, a number of the missile debris fell in the housing area, without causing harm,” a Saudi coalition spokesman in Yemen, al-Maliki, said.

An eyewitness told Reuters he heard at least six large explosions and flashes of light in Riyadh’s sky as the interception process took hold.
The shrapnel was then seen lying on the street near the diplomatic compound in Riyadh, where many foreigners live.

Now, security around the diplomatic compound was also tightened with the presence of fire trucks on a number of street corners.

Houthi television station, al-Masirah, confirmed that a number of Burkan missiles were indeed fired at the Saudi Ministry of Defense and several other targets.

“The longer the aggression and the war progresses, the greater our ballistic missile capabilities,” said Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam.
This attack is the first Houthi strike attempt to Riyadh since the Saudi started a massive operation on June 12 to seize the Hudaidah.

Hudaidah is a port city in Yemen that has been the main supply point for Houthi since they captured the capital Sanaa in 2015.

Prior to the Saudi’s massive operation, the Houthi fired several missiles at Riyadh, last in December.

Nevertheless, the Saudis still insist on helping the Yemeni government to attack the Houthi who have taken over the Presidential Palace in Sanaa since three years ago