Sampaoli: Messi Not Determine Composition of Argentina Players

Argentine national team coach Jorge Sampaoli again denied the news that there is a transfer of power in the Tango team at the 2018 World Cup.

After the series with Iceland and losing to Croatia, came the news that the Argentine players chose their own core sku that will play in the game against Nigeria.
Sampaoli denied the news and again stressed he was still coach of the Argentina national team ahead of the last 16 matches against France.

The former Chile and Sevilla coach admitted speaking to Messi on the pitch in a game against Nigeria but not in consultation with the superstar.
“I remember that but what I say to the players is personal and I will not divulge what I say,” Sampaoli said.

“Unlike you mentioned, we have several options up front and I just communicate to him [Messi] about one of the strategies we will use,” he continued.

Further Sampaoli claimed not to plan to resign from the coaching chair of the Argentine national team if lost to France in the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup.
“I have a contract I am happy to be here despite something going on with this job and I will fight as long as I can,” said the coach who brought Chile champions in the 2015 Copa America.

In the last 16 of the match, Sampaoli hopes his team can avoid physical games against France.
“I dream of Argentina playing with passion and also dominating the game of football.If we can not control the ball, it will be a physical duel, and that does not benefit us.”

“We have to control the game, that is our starting point, we have to control the game throughout the game,” said Sampaoli.

Understanding France will try to turn off the movement of Messi, Sampaoli also hope other players can threaten the defense of Les Bleus.