Russian helicopter crashes in Siberia, 18 people die

Russian helicopter crashes in Siberia, 18 people dieA civilian helicopter belonging to a Russian airline crashed while flying to an oil refinery in northern Siberia. Nahas, 18 people were killed in this incident.

Delivered by the Russian Ministry of Transportation, as reported by AFP on Saturday (08/04/2018), the helicopter that suffered this accident was a type of Mi-8 operated by the Russian national airline, Utair. It is known that Utair is based at Mansiysk Khanty Airport, Siberia.

When the incident occurred on Saturday (4/8) morning local time, the helicopter was carrying three crew and 15 passengers. It was said by the Russian Ministry of Transportation that the helicopter had crashed after crashing into a machine carried by another helicopter on location.

The Russian Transport Ministry added that the second helicopter had landed safely after the collision. This incident was reported to occur during ‘normal’ weather conditions.

“The first takeoff was carried out by the Mi-8 carrying an external cargo cargo without passengers inside (helicopters), the second takeoff was carried out by carrying passengers who were shift workers at the oil refinery,” the Russian Transportation Ministry said.

“According to preliminary information, the Mi-8 carrying passengers, the cause is unknown, collided with the external charge of the second helicopter, after taking off. As a result, the helicopter crashed, was destroyed and burned,” the statement added.

“Three crew and 15 passengers were killed,” the Russian Transport Ministry said of the victims killed in this incident.

The airline Utair in a statement via its website reported that the incident occurred on Saturday (4/8) morning at around 05.43 local time. The collision occurred after the helicopter carrying the passenger took off from a helipad at the Vankor oil and gas refinery, Turuhansk district, Krasnoyarsk region. The oil refinery is run by Russian national oil company Rosneft through its subsidiary, Vankorneft.

Utar said the crashed helicopter was assembled in Russia in 2010. It was also said that the pilot who flew the helicopter was born in 1985 and had 5,990 hours of flight, and received training at the Omsk Flight School in southwest Siberia.

The cause of this accident is still being investigated by the Russian authorities. Russia’s Ministry of Transport even formed a special commission to further investigate this accident. While the airline Utair deployed its expert team to the location of the helicopter crash.