Running in a 21 Kilometers Marathon Competition, The Dog is Awarded Medal

Running in a 21 Kilometers Marathon Competition, The Dog is Awarded MedalA stray dog ​​was awarded a participant’s medal after being considered to have completed a marathon run in Western Australia last week.

The dog that the locals called Stormy ran along with the other marathon participants, occasionally stopping to “greet” the audience at the edge of the track.

The Goldfields Pipeline Marathon marathon race event that took place on Sunday (29/7/2018) was a distance of 21 kilometers, along a historic pipeline that supplies water to the City of Kalgoorlie.

Since before the race started, Stormy was seen greeting the marathon participants. When the race started, the mixed dog also ran among the participants.

“The guys seemed comforted by the dog’s behavior, he was a friendly dog, even before the marathon he greeted people and after it started he ran with them,” said race committee, Grant Wholey told AFP on Tuesday (7/31/2018 ).

“The dog seemed happy to accompany the people and he also greeted the volunteers in the middle of the race,” he added. After two and a half hours had passed since the race began, Stormy looked close to the end of the race.

Together with the other participants, he came across the finish line. According to Wholey, the black and brown dog is from an Aboriginal neighborhood near the race site. Stormy name was given by the people around.

After the race, Stormy is taken by forest rangers to a shelter and will be prepared for adoption if no owner claims it until a week later. A number of race participants said they were interested in adopting Stormy.

On Tuesday (31/7/2018), the marathon race committee returned to meet Stormy at the shelter. He also received a prize of a medal necklace of participants because it was considered to have participated in completing the marathon.