Ronaldo vs Messi’s Opportunities in the 2018 World Cup Quarterfinals

Ronaldo vs Messi's Opportunities in the 2018 World Cup QuarterfinalsWorld Cup 2018 can present duel two of the world’s best players: Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi. It has not happened yet, but the opportunity exists (and begins to be discussed).

Ronaldo vs Messi’s chances came as Argentina reached the last 16 of the 2018 World Cup with Group D runner-up status, under Croatia as group winners.
Screenplay Ronaldo vs Messi in the 2018 World Cup that can be realized in the quarterfinals. Of course with the main condition of Portugal and Argentina can both pass their respective opponents in the round of 16 large.
With the current 16th round situation, Argentina will face France who qualify with the title of Group C winner of the 2018 World Cup. Meanwhile Portugal (Group B runner-up) will face Uruguay (Group A champions).
Opportunities duel two of the world’s best players were not spared the attention of football fans in the world. Discussion, enthusiastic nuance, about the possibility that was already popping up in cyberspace.