Ronaldo to Juventus: From Fantasy to Reality

Ronaldo to Juventus: From Fantasy to RealityWhen first appeared, rumors of joining Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus ridiculed. But, the rumor turned out to be a reality.

Ronaldo’s relocation rumor from Real Madrid to Juventus was first echoed by the Tuttosport newspaper shortly after Portugal were eliminated from the 2018 World Cup. Tuttosport writes reports of Ronaldo’s desire to unveil a new sheet after nine years in Madrid’s costume.

However, the rumors were initially ignored, even laughed at a lot. Juventus intent to bring Ronaldo is considered nothing more than a fantasy.
In just a few days after the rumors first appeared, Ronaldo completely left Madrid and moved to Juventus. Juve bought the Portuguese striker for 100 million euros and signed him for four years.

If traced back, Ronaldo’s intention to leave Madrid actually has emerged long before rumors in Tuttosport circulated. There are certain moments that affect his move towards Juventus, as written by the following Italian football:

January 2018 – Real Madrid downs Ronaldo’s release clause

In January, Madrid is believed to have reached an informal deal with Ronaldo that he could go for 100 million euros even though the player had a 1 billion euro release clause. Condition, Ronaldo did not move to direct rivals Madrid.

However, this is not something Ronaldo wants. He took it as a signal that Madrid no longer needed his services.

April 3 – Standing ovation for Ronaldo at Juventus Stadium

This is a moment that has been said to steal Ronaldo’s heart. The moment came when Madrid won 3-0 in Turin in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals in April.

In the match at Juventus Stadium, Ronaldo scored twice for Madrid. Both goals are created through a very impressive salto kick in the second half.

After scoring a goal through the salto kick, Ronaldo celebrate in one corner of the field. At that moment, Ronaldo saw an unusual sight.

Ronaldo, who was very often scorned by opposing fans even by Madrid’s own supporters, watched Juventus’s tifosi give him a round of applause. He also responded by placing his hand on the chest as a gesture of thanks.
May 26 – A hard code from Ronaldo

After delivering Madrid to beat Liverpool in the Champions League final on 26 May, Ronaldo made a horrendous comment. He gave a strong signal going away from Los Blancos.

July 1 – Tuttosport writes reports of Ronaldo’s move

Tuttosport claims that Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo’s agent, is working on Ronaldo’s move to Juventus after Juve have recruited Joao Cancelo, another Mendes client.

This report was not initially considered because in the previous newspaper the same ever connect Juve with Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappe.

However, the rumors then heated up day by day, followed by Ronaldo’s report would be paid 30 million euros per year at Juventus.

July 9 – Juventus bid to Madrid

Juventus reportedly made an official offer to Madrid for Ronaldo on Monday (9/7/2018).

July 10 – Completed transfers

The next day, Jorge Mendes meets with Madrid. Mendes then informs Juventus that their offer will be accepted.

On the same day, Juventus President Andrea Agnelli was caught on a private jet and flew to Greece. Because Ronaldo was on holiday in the country, Agnelli was widely reportedly completing the transfer of players.

A few hours later, Madrid announced the acceptance of Juventus bid for Ronaldo. Juventus then released the announcement that Ronaldo has officially become their player.