Robyn Canner, Women of the Year 60 Champion Ms World Pageant 2018

Robyn Canner, Women of the Year 60 Champion Ms World Pageant 2018Women aged 60 years, Robyn Canner from Australia successfully holds the status of Ms. World Pageant 2018. This success makes Canner the oldest beauty queen from Australia.

Unlike other beauty contests, Ms. World Pageant 2018 is a special event for women aged over 26 years. This event is looking for women with integrity, intelligence, and moral.

In this beauty pageant, Canner beat 22 women from other countries that are much younger than him. Canner managed to excel in a variety of assessments ranging from fitness suits, evening dresses, interviews and panelist questions.

Canner is a massage therapist who runs his business at home for 33 years.

“Age is not a stigma anymore, no matter where you are you can always struggle and do some amazing things,” Canner told Sunrise, quoted by the Daily Mail.

During the final night of Ms. World Pageant 2018, Canner appeared in a silver dress, still stunning with a crown on her head.

Nevertheless, behind Canner’s cute smile that night, he apparently kept a tragic story that made him ambitious to win a beauty contest. Canner began following various contests seven years ago, when his 22-year-old son Scottie died of cancer.
Canner admitted that his life no longer works well when he loses his son. Through the event of beauty, Canner began to find confidence.

“I found the contest gave me the confidence and passion to get up, I do not think four years later I will win the title of Ms World,” Canner said.

This victory of Ms. World Pageant makes Canner carry a mission to campaign more cancer in youth. He also claimed to be utilizing this victory to raise funds that would be given for the development of cancer research.

Since his son was diagnosed with cancer, Canner was involved with the charity Tour De Cure.