Ridiculous! Rejects Land Forced to Airport, Sumiyo Grapples with Officers on House Roof

Ridiculous! Rejects Land Forced to Airport, Sumiyo Grapples with Officers on House RoofResistance continued as the effort to clear the development of New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) Airport in Temon Subdistrict, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Sumiyo (53) even recklessly defend his home by climbing the roof and standing on the roof of the house.

He occupied the tile and threatened to throw tiles at all the apparatus who tried to get close, while hanging by hugging the power pole on the roof.

Four members of Satpol Kulon Progo Police Unit and a Provos policeman tried to persuade. Fifths up the roof of the house with the help of the trunk of the excavator.

Sumiyo survives as best he can by kicking the tiles.
A member of Satpol PP, Gita Haryana said, his business persuaded to be unsuccessful. “I said to him, the father came down and all the better.

We are afraid of him who fell, “Gita said on Friday (20/07/2018) .The inducement failed: The struggle took place at the top of the roof.
Sumiyo fighting while holding on to the roof pole of the house roof. The drama and struggle lasted for up to half an hour.

The police and the 4 members of the Satpol PP had to tie Samiyo’s hands and legs on top of the house and lower them with bucket nails. “Strong energy,” said Dedi, one of the Satpol PP members who participated Sumiyo lower.

Once demoted, Sumiyo immediately released. The eviction of homes forcing residents to stay at NYIA Airport development land on Friday is targeting 33 residences of houses in the location permit (IPL) of this NYIA.

More than 30 family heads survive inhabiting the house. They insist on refusing any solution from the government to leave the IPL, even though the status of the land has returned to the country.

Angkasa Pura I (Persero) and PP decided to move the people from there, gave temporary shelter in rented houses, then displaced their house in IPL.

Many excavators are deployed to speed up the demolition of not only houses, but also cows, coconut trees, melinjo, mango, to young teak trees. The effort to clear the land also involves hundreds of people, both TNI-Polri, volunteers to lift the goods, to the trucking cars.

All got resistance from the people who refused to build the airport. Eviction has actually been going on since Thursday (19/7/2018) yesterday. A total of 17 of 33 homes have been evicted a day earlier. The eviction continues today. One of the most tough is the houses that go Sidorejo Village, Glagah Village, Temon.

Citizens fight in various ways, including Sumiyo. Some continue to blaspheme, some are still throwing police and Satpol PP with sand. There is also a rebel, even injure some Satpol PP by biting.

Sumiyo admitted that the house is a relic of his parents. In the house, there are only two heads of families, namely Sumiyo and one of his sons who are married.

As a heritage house, he intends to keep as much as he can. “Intine niki griyo kulo, dibrukke ora iklas, Urip from generation to generation has been taken away (this is my house, torn down is not sincere, hereditary life got seized),” Sumiyo said shortly after the officers lowered.

Sumiyo said he would not accept any offer from the government to hand over his land and house to airport land. Therefore, he considered the arrogant government by forcing the will to knock down the house. “It’s a forced demolition.

From the beginning his choice only agreed or refused. (Persecuted) because this is a legacy of parents, “Sumiyo said.Sumiyo admitted hurt for the umpteenth time.A month ago, he defended the chili land which is also in the center of IPL.Chinese harvested harvested harvest, even choked (evicted),” he said .

Sumiyo sure will stay there. He will set up a tent, send his belongings to a neighbor’s house, and will return to planting on his land. It does not accept any solution from any party, including receiving compensation. “We will try to make a tent, this is my right and my land, I will not stay there (relocation house),” he said.