Revealed! Food of the Legendary Mummy Tzi Motherhood 5.300 Years Old

Revealed! Food of the Legendary Mummy Tzi Motherhood 5.300 Years OldA study reveals that the ice man who has become a mummy and famous with the name tzi often eat mountain goat meat and deer in his lifetime.

The man’s mummy from the Alps whose body is naturally preserved becomes a global sensation. A recent study from the Institute for Mummy-Studies located in Italy reveals that when it died about 5,300 years ago, the belly of tzi was very fatty and filled with mountain goat, deer and grain meat.

It seems that tzi often eat the meat raw or cooked first, says researcher Frank Maixner. He added that mountain goats and deer are the usual kinds of food for tzi and people of his time.

At the time of death, 50 percent of the tuna mummy belly contains the fat needed for energy. The high amount of fat is important so that the Alpine travelers are strong climbing at altitudes and for long periods of time, says Maixner.

Maixner and colleagues have published these findings in the Current Biology scientific journal.

Previously scientists also revealed this ancient human struggle against infections, cavities, stress and lyme diseases.

Lactose intolerant

tzi was discovered by tourists from the town of Nrnberg in the tztaler valley in the Alps in 1991. But research on what became a mummy food was during his life could only be done in 2009.

Scientists previously said that the tzi is lactose intolerant and suffers from infections, cavities, stress and lyme disease spread by tick bites.

But scientists say it is not starvation and the disease that causes the world’s famous ice man met his end. They believe the tzi died of being shot with arrows that pierced his shoulders.