Respond to Erdogan’s Call, Turkish Residents Record Action Destroy iPhone

Respond to Erdogan's Call, Turkish Residents Record Action Destroy iPhoneThis week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on his citizens not to buy electronic products from the United States, including the iPhone.

Responding to the call for a boycott, several Turkish citizens uploaded videos showing them destroying the iPhone with bat, hammer and other blunt objects.

In one video uploaded on Thursday (08/16/2017), it appears a man collected several iPhones belonging to his colleagues, who squatted in front of the Turkish flag.

The cellphone is placed on the ground and then the man hits him with a hammer.

“This is for the motherland,” said a man while destroying the cellphones.

“Who do you think you are?” said the youth referring to US President Donald Trump, as quoted from CBS News.

“If you threaten us with hunger, you will only make us laugh,” he said.

Another video shows a boy pouring a bottle of Coca Cola into the toilet as a form of hatred of US products.

In addition, other circulating videos showed an MP from the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party, Cemal Enginyurt, buying a Samsung cellphone.

He asked a party member to produce his old iPhone on the floor and step on it.

As is known, the relationship between the two members of the North Atlantic Defense Organization (NATO) was tenuous after Turkey arrested the priest named Andrew Brunson.

Brunson was arrested for being accused of being involved in a failed coup attempt to overthrow Erdogan in 2016. Then, Trump implemented a doubling of the tariffs on the import of steel and aluminum against Turkey, which had made the lira currency drop sharply.