Red Blood River Mysteries in Russia

Red Blood River Mysteries in RussiaRivers that suddenly change color recently were discovered in Russia. The river water that was greenish blue, suddenly turned red.

Seeing a river with water that looks brown or green may be normal, but if it’s red, it seems unusual to find. The Daldykan River in Norilisk, central Russia, had turned red in September.

This also makes people and tourists excited. His photos were viral on social media.

Seen from CNN, Thursday (06/10/2016), the Daldykan River water which is usually greenish blue changes to red on Tuesday (6/9). The water is really red like blood.

Local residents inevitably give various nicknames to this red river. Like the ‘river of blood’, even ‘war will happen soon’. Various speculations about the cause of the color change appeared.

After a day of color changes that made a scene, the Russian Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources said in a statement that the river had become red due to unidentified chemical contamination, from the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant which was located not far from the river.

Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant is owned by Norilsk Nickel which is arguably the world’s largest nickel company. Pollution is thought to occur due to the possibility of broken or cracked pipelines.

Norilsk Nickel denied that the pollution was caused by the factory. But as reported by the RIA Novosti news agency, Norilsk Nickel continues to monitor the environment around the plant and reduce production, while testing is underway.

About a week later, finally the true cause of discoloration is known. Reporting from the BBC, it is true that the Daldykan River is red due to a nickel spill that was washed away from the Norilsk Nickel factory.

This nickel can be washed away in the river because of the heavy rain that struck one of their dams in Nadezhda. Then some water that has been contaminated with nickel enters the river and turns it red like blood.

But the horrendous event claimed that Norilsk was not harmful to humans or flora and fauna around the river. To the Russian media, Sputnik, the Norilsk City Authority stated that the Daldykan River was not directly connected to the supply of clean water for the public.

The incident was also mentioned as not giving a direct threat to the lives of local people. Local residents and tourists who are on vacation to Norilisk may be able to breathe a sigh of relief as local water supply is called safe.

Norilsk City is known for its rich natural resources, with the largest content of nickel, copper and palladium in the world. The city is quite famous for its severe pollution. This polluted river incident is also reportedly not the first time it happened.

This was told by the townspeople to Krasnews. However, there is no further detail when previous river pollution occurred.