Recording Young Couples Forced to Drink Water Art and pay US $ 1.023 and two goats

Married Without Parent's Permission,, Young Couples Forced to Drink Water Art and pay US $ 1.023 and two goatsA young couple in Alirajpur, the state of Madhya Pradesh, India was kidnapped, beaten, and forced to drink urine. All these tortures must be passed because both married without the approval and parental consent.

In a video recorded by one of the torturers, the man (23) was tied to a pole. While a young woman sat beside her.

In the video it was heard, someone said, the torture was a punishment for them for embarrassing the family.

The man and his 21-year-old wife, both live in the village of Alirajpur. They were married last May even though they were not sanctioned by the woman’s family.

However, to try to improve the situation, the man paid a dowry of 70,000 rupees or about US $ 1023 and two goats.

However, on Saturday, according to the village elders’ decision, the couple was attacked and tortured. “They just got back from Gujarat last week and stayed at the husband’s uncle’s residence,” said Vikas Kapis, a local police officer.

“Her parents learned about it and kidnapped them on July 25,” Kapis added. Read also: Indian Women Raped 13 Men on Orders of Village Elders After experiencing the torture of the couple the young couple reported to the police.

In their report they say, have been mugged and kidnapped before being tortured.
The couple also complained about the father of the woman, her two uncles and three others. “So far we have arrested two suspects,” Kapis said