Recent Population Amazon Caught Camera After 22 Years

Recent Population Amazon Caught Camera After 22 YearsA remarkable tape showing a native man who has been living alone in the Amazon Rainforest for more than two decades has been released. The man, believed to be in his 50s, appears to be in good health when he uses his ax on a tree when it is captured for the first time.

Many indigenous people in the various forests that make up Amazon have been killed and driven out by farmers and loggers who come. The man is considered the only survivor of a group of six people killed in an attack in 1995.
The Brazilian government agency dedicated to protecting the interests and culture of the country’s indigenous people, Funai – has been monitoring the man since 1996. However, no contact has ever been made.

Altair Algayer, Funai regional coordinator for Rondonia State told The Guardian, the man obviously did not want to deal with modern society.

“This is a sign of his resistance, and a bit of rejection, hatred, knowing the story that he went through,” Algayer explained as quoted by Sky News, Friday (20/07/2018).

“He’s in great shape, hunting, keeping some papaya plantations, corn, he has good health and good physical shape doing all the exercises.”

The man is known as the “native man in the hole”, until now his only published appearance was in a Brazilian documentary called Corumbiara – named after the territory of Rondonia – in 1998.

He is known to hunt wild boars, birds and monkeys with bows and arrows, and also set traps for his prey using hidden holes filled with sharpened wood.

Funai – which has a policy of not interfering with indigenous people – believes there are many other tribes living in the Amazon that have not been contacted, with the current estimate in Brazil alone there are 113 tribes.