Really indeed, two headed cattle were born in Riau – Indonesia

Extraordinary, two-headed cow was born in Riau - IndonesiaAlang Kepayang Village Community, West Rengat, Inhu, Riau dihebohkan birth of two-headed baby cow. This rare birth was a conversation of local residents.

“Yes, there is a calf born with two head conditions, other conditions, there are two ears,” said the Official of Agriculture and Fishery Agency of Indragiri Hulu Riau, Indonesia

Suharto explained, this two-headed cow belongs to a resident named Ilham (55). This calf, born on Saturday (14/7) then.

“The condition when the calf is born is normal only with only two heads in the dempet position, and four legs,” said Suharto.

This calf, Suharto said with male sex. From its mother is the third birth.

“The birth process is a little longer, spanning more than 5 hours,” said Suharto.

Of the two heads, Suharto said, each had two eyes and two mouths.

“Two positions head dembet it, has one neck,” lid Suharto.