Rape Indian teenage girls, 7 People Including Headmaster Arrested

Rape Indian teenage girls, 7 People Including Headmaster ArrestedIndian police arrested seven people for alleged rape and extortion against a young woman for months. There is a principal and a teacher among the arrested suspects.

As quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (11/7/2018), the arrested suspects consisted of five students, a teacher and a headmaster was arrested in Bihar region, on Tuesday (10/7) local time. The case adds a long list of rape cases rampant in India.

The arrest was made after the victim, a 15-year-old girl reported to the local police last week.

The local district police chief, Har Kishore Rai, said the victim admitted she was raped by the students in the school toilet in December 2017. According to the victim, the sexual violence continued for seven months.

Rai added that the victim also admitted to being raped by the principal and two teachers when she reported the incident to them.

“The victim said that in a period of seven months, as many as 19 people rape him,” said Rai. Of that total, as many as 16 perpetrators of rape are students of one victim school.

“The investigation is still ongoing, we are looking for evidence against every accused,” he added.

This case reaped public condemnation. Opposition groups in Bihar blame local governments for failing to protect girls and women. “Imagine a minor girl being raped by the principal and a number of teachers with her classmates How would you rate law enforcement in Bihar?” firmly Shakti Yadav as the spokesman for the opposition party, Rashtriya Janata Dal.

Separately, Bihar district official Arun Kumar said the school authorities had been asked ‘to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of female students’.