Rain Storm Happens in North India, 49 Dead

Rain Storm Landa North India, 49 People KilledStorms that triggered floods and caused collapsed buildings have killed at least 49 people in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Disaster management officials said a number of casualties were killed by falling collapsed buildings. Others were killed by a flood, being electrocuted or killed in a traffic accident caused by heavy rains. Since Thursday (26/7) local time, at least 49 people have been reported killed in Uttar Pradesh.

Dozens of houses in Uttar Pradesh were damaged by this storm. Local authorities also reminded that the buildings at risk of collapsing immediately vacated.

Heavy rains also hit New Delhi, the Indian capital and the western Indian state of Rajasthan, popular with tourists. In New Delhi, the Yamuna river level has exceeded the danger limit on this Saturday due to the heavy rain. Local authorities also issued a warning alert flood. The government of New Delhi warned that the water level of the river will continue to grow.

In India, incidents of collapsed buildings often occur, especially during the rainy season that lasts from late June to September.

The Indian meteorological office warned that heavy rains would continue in much of northern India for up to five days.