Python snakes recorded when preying on pigeons in the middle of London City Road

Python snakes recorded when preying on pigeons in the middle of London City RoadRoad users in the city of London, England got an unusual sight when a python preyed on a dove in the middle of a busy street.

Launching from the Daily Mail, this unusual sight occurred on one of the sidewalk corners on Leytonstone Highway, in east London.

A number of residents began capturing the rare moment in photos and videos using a cellphone camera.

In a video recorded by a resident, a small python was wrapped around a dove.

The dove seemed to have moved, while the python seemed to move its tail slightly.

Rachel Garland, a citizen who recorded the video then uploaded it to Facebook social media. While photographs showing when the python preys on pigeons are uploaded by other residents to their Twitter account.

The rescue and prevention organization for animal violence, the RSPCA, based in the UK, confirmed sending one of its officers to secure the python. It was not explained whether the snake had eaten or not.

“I am personally very curious to know how the snake can be in such a dangerous situation,” Rebecca Benson, RSPCA Inspector told the Press Association. “Being in an open space like that, especially in the middle of a busy street can mean anything can happen to the snake.

The snake can be run over by a car or attacked by other animals, “he added. According to Rebecca, the snake is most likely a pet. Why can the snake be on the street, Rebecca thought it could be because it was run away or was deliberately discarded by its owner.