Purchase Erdogan vs Ince ‘Attack’ ahead of Voting

Purchase Erdogan vs Ince 'Attack' ahead of VotingThe president of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was involved in a war of statements with his rival, Muharrem Ince. The last day of the campaign became their ring.
Ince held a rally in Izmir and Ankara on Saturday (23/06/2018) local time. Also, hundreds of thousands of people participated near the coast of Maltepe, the Asian section of Istanbul.
Ince claimed five million people had descended into the streets of Istanbul. Even so, it is difficult to verify the truth of the claim for such a mass.
He poses a grim picture of Turkey when Erdogan returns to power through elections. Lira’s currency will remain sluggish, high-priced goods, and the issue of 3.5 million Syrian refugees will not be resolved.

“But if Ince wins, it’s not just Ince who wins … but 80 million people will win! Turkey will win!” squealing Ince who has held 107 mass campaigns over the past 50 days.

When Ince staged a campaign in three major Turkish cities, Erdogan held a smaller campaign in Istanbul.

“If God wills, tomorrow afternoon we will be happy together,” Erdogan said in a campaign in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul. “Are you ready to bring the victory?”

He condemned Ince who has vowed to settle outside the Turkish Election commission center on Sunday (24/6) during the vote, to ensure a fair election. According to Erdogan, Ince has ignored the rules through such a plan.

“Mr. Muharrem (Ince), we are living in a state of law,” Erdogan said. He emphasized that all measures had been taken by the government to ensure smooth elections.