Prostitution Zone in the Netherlands Will Be Curbed

Prostitution Zone in the Netherlands Will Be CurbedWild like a forest without rules is an atmosphere that is often seen happening in the Red District, the Netherlands, in recent years. The area is indeed used as a place of entertainment late at night, unfortunately not a few visitors who do trouble when there.

Quoted from AFP on Thursday (9/8), the city government of Amsterdam said it would tighten security and regulations for Red District visitors.

One of their steps is to place security officers called ‘hosts’ at some point in order to break up the commotion or other criminal acts.

“We will apply the color category to monitor the number of visitors, from green to red. If it reaches the red category, then the crowd will be disbanded by officers on guard,” said a representative of the Amsterdam city government.

The city government of Amsterdam also did not hesitate to impose fines on visitors who did mischief, for example fighting on the edge of the streets of the Red District.

Fines that have been imposed must be paid immediately if you do not want to stay at the Prodeo hotel.

“All roads and vehicles going in and out of this area will also be monitored,” he continued.

The Amsterdam city government hopes this new rule can make the Red District more comfortable to visit, especially free of noise and piles of garbage.

Red District real name is De Wallen or literally at the edge of the river in Dutch.

This area was built since the 12th century, but the midnight entertainment industry that serves bars and prostitution began to develop since the 18th century.

One of the interesting sights there is seeing shops with glass windows displaying sexy women and men.

Every year as many as 18 million tourists come to the Red District region. This number is more than the population in the Netherlands.

Most of those who come are young people, especially from England or the Netherlands. In addition to being in the bar, most of them came to the nightclub for illegal drug parties.