Promise Stop Selfie, Kim Kardashian Instead Do It

Promise Stop Selfie, Kim Kardashian Instead Do ItIt seems difficult for Kim Kardashian to keep his promise, especially when it comes to selfie or swafoto affairs. Kanye West’s wife re-uploaded a selfie photo on Instagram just days after promising to stop taking the photo.

Uploaded on Tuesday (26/06/2018), the photo shows the action of the reality show selfie star just in her gray bralet and black panties. For the description of his photograph, Kim simply wrote ‘WTP’ which is short for ‘what’s the point’.

The photo has received 3.6 million likes and 35 thousands of comments dominated by praise on her sexy body. But not a few also question Kim’s promise to stop selfie. “I thought she was done taking selfies,” wrote an account called @madisonalani.
In a recent interview with ITV UK, Kim revealed that he would not be doing selfie again. “I will not photograph the selfie again, I’m not too fond of it, I want real life in the real world,” said the woman who dubbed the queen of selfie.

Kim then added, “I do not mind the photos, but I’m not always with my cell phone any time like before.” Kanye West’s wife also added that her children do not yet know if her parents are famous. For him, time with family is something very valuable.

Kim Kardashian has been a different person since the robbery he experienced in Paris 2016 ago. Kim who usually look luxurious, now rarely seen wearing accessories, except cinicin marriage.