Princess Shah Rukh Khan So Cover Vogue India, Protest Internet Users

Daughter of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana Khan is lined up to be the cover of Indian Vogue magazine.

Suhana Khan is the daughter of Shah Rukh Khan’s partner with Gauri’s interior designer. Suhana himself is 18 years old.

This news was reported by his own father last Tuesday through his twitter.

“Hug him in my arm again, thank you Vogue. Incomplete love, except when it comes to children. So, give you all love and embrace for all of you. Hello Suhana Khan!” SRK wrote on his twitter quoted from Hindustan Times.

Being the cover of the Indian Vogue magazine itself is considered a way for him to enter the world of Bollywood.

“I really like the photo cover of this magazine,” Suhana said when the interview was quoted from the Tribune.
“Especially when shooting dancing. I love dancing! This is very fun. I am very happy when my parents reveal this. I immediately agreed, but they want me to think about it again because this is public. They want me to build confidence from experience, not eliminate it. ”

Opposed to cyberspace

Suhana Khan, who was chosen as the cover of Vogue, turned out to be opposed by many parties, including citizens.

The reason is that the election of Suhana to be the cover model for Vogue magazine is considered nepotism. Suhana was chosen as a cover because he was a child of a top Hollywood star.

Internet users are also inflamed because Vogue India considers this to be nepotism.

“Why is Suhana Khan the cover of Vogue India? Give me one reason unless she is the daughter of …,” wrote a citizen of Cassy.