Price Ring Hailey Baldwin Fiance estimated to reach about USD 250 thousand

Price Ring Hailey Baldwin Fiance estimated to reach about USD 250 thousandAfter the public was shocked by Justin Bieber’s engagement news, attention is now on the circular ring on Hailey Baldwin’s ring finger. On several scattered photos, the 21-year-old model is seen wearing a ring with a large diamond-shimmering stone.

The ring is thought to be Justin Bieber’s engagement ring for Hailey Baldwin. Allegedly stronger after circulating video Hailey Baldwin showing off the ring.

“I said YES!” said Hailey while showing her ring in Instagram Story video post.
The ring worn by Hailey had two bands and on it a large diamond was shaped oval. A number of jewelry experts and precious stones estimate Justin Bieber has to spend up to billions of dollars to buy the ring.

Michael Fried, CEO of Diamond Pro, said that Hailey Baldwin’s fianceal ring is decorated with diamonds of six to eight carats and can cost about $ 250,000
“Maybe spend at least a quarter of a million dollars,” said Michael, as quoted from Time.

Another diamond expert Benjamin Khordipour from Estate Diamond Jewelry says that the ring has a high degree of clarity and clarity. This means the diamond is almost transparent colorless and has a cutting that is almost perfect.
Benjamin estimates the ring is worth about USD 380 thousand – USD 540 thousand

Engagement ring with oval-shaped diamond is becoming a trend among young couples. Its popularity even rivals a classic round diamond.

“Its popularity rose four times faster than last year’s round diamond,” said Kathryn Earth, vice president of strategy and merchandising at Brilliant Earth.