Pregnant at 67 years old, this woman refuses doctor’s advice for abortion

Pregnant at 67 years old, this woman refuses doctor's advice for abortionAnxious to have children, a woman in China refused the doctor’s advice when she was pregnant at 67 years of age.

Reported by SCMP Wednesday (08/08/2018), the woman surnamed Zhang refused the doctor’s suggestion to have an abortion due to concerns about her age.

Zhang and her husband decided to undergo IVF in June at a hospital in Taiwan.

He then went home, and intended to have his pregnancy checked at the Baodao Health Center in Beijing. However, the hospital did not dare to take care of him.

He was then referred to Peking Third University Hospital, where the doctor who cared for Zhang, Li Shilan, said it was very risky if he gave birth.

In addition to the age factor that almost entered the head of seven, Zhang also suffered from high blood pressure, and the fact that he had twin babies added to Li’s anxiety.

Besides Li, one of the doctors at Peking Hospital also suggested that Ms. Zhang abort her pregnancy. However, Zhang insisted he would give birth to the twins.

Because, she and her husband had longed for the presence of a child. Zhang told me, he had a son who was killed in a car accident in 2014 at the age of 34.

When Mr. Zhang’s son was born in 1980, China still imposed the rule of one family of one child, and was only revoked in 2015. He claimed that since the death of his son, he had to take sleeping pills to help him while resting. “I already have a plan to educate when my son has a child. However, that dream must run aground,” complained Zhang.

He stated that he had tried to adopt a child. However, submission of adoption requests is rejected because they are old. Zhang added, after he left Peking hospital, the Beijing Health and Planning Commission issued a circular to all health facilities.

In the circular, they were asked not to provide services to Zhang before consulting the commission first. The situation was complained by Zhang.

He feels treated like a criminal. He stated that no one cared when his only son died.

“Now, when I have found a solution and is ready to start a new life, you try to block me,” he said. Zhang believes he will reach the age of 85 where his child is an adult. however, if he dies, there is still his nephew.