Prediction England vs Belgium: Potential Walking Ahead and Final Over

Prediction England vs Belgium: Potential Walking Ahead and Final OverEngland will face Belgium in third matchday Group G match 2018 World Cup. The game is expected to run a lot considering the runner-up will make the way in the knock-out phase is lighter.

England and Belgium will compete in Kaliningrad Stadium on Friday (29/06/2018) pm dawn. Since both teams have certainly stepped into the round of 16, this last game will also determine which team will come out as group winners.

So far, England and Belgium have identical similarities in the standings. Both scored six points by scoring eight goals and conceding twice.
Although the record is exactly the same, England for a while more entitled to exist at the top of the standings above Belgium. England have fair play points – related to the number of yellow cards – better than Belgium.

Well, what makes this fight to be is to win the group will not be profitable in the knock-out phase. In the last 16, England and Belgium are unlikely to be frightened against a potential opponent from Group H, which so far the group and runner-up status will be contested by Japan, Senegal and Colombia.

The big problem just came when in the quarterfinals. If Group G winners – England or Belgium – can beat teams from Group H runners-up in the last 16, they will challenge the winners between Brazil and Mexico. On paper, Brazil is one of the teams to watch out for any team.

If you managed to stop the rate of Brazil, the game in the semifinals will not be easy anymore. Group G champions could potentially meet Uruguay, Portugal, France or Argentina.
A relatively lighter situation will be experienced by Group G runner-up if it goes to the quarterfinals. England / Belgium will face the winners between Sweden and Switzerland.

If you continue, the runner-up of Group G will deal with Spain, Russia, Croatia, or Denmark if to the semifinals. The situation certainly would have looked much better for England / Belgium.

Belgian coach Roberto Martinez has insisted that beating England is not his team’s priority and will make changes in the starting line-up. The reason is to prevent players from accumulating cards and keep the conditions in the knock-out phase.

Meanwhile, The Sun and Mirror reported that England coach Gareth Southgate has been directed to target runners-up. So, it seems England will also lower players who have not got a chance to play in the last fight of the group phase.

The facts that make the game predicted will run a lot. A potentially great draw becomes the end result of the match.