Pose Bring Perfume in France, Jennie BLACKPINK Beautiful Natural

Pose Bring Perfume in France, Jennie BLACKPINK Beautiful NaturalJennie and BLACKPINK are currently mastering the South Korean music scene. Two of their latest tracks, Ddu Du Ddu Du and Forever Young taken from the mini album SQUARE UP, made it to number one on all the charts in Korea. Even the MV for Ddu Du Ddu Du has been watched over 100 million within a few days.
The beauty of BLACKPINK member’s face was also coveted by many people. Their fashion taste is also a role model. You could say that the most often called the most fashionable member is Jennie, who is the main rapper and is known for his swag style, cute but also sexy at the same time.
No wonder Jennie is often invited to attend events organized by world renowned fashion brands. Even the 22-year-old woman was chosen Chanel as brand ambassador for ‘Chanel Korea’. Thanks to that duty anyway, some time ago Jennie had time to fly to France.
Reported by Allkpop, Jennie became one of the guests invited at the event held Chanel, the event Le Eaux De Chanel. For the uninitiated, it is the name of a collection of perfumes from such world renowned brands. Jennie also had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Korean magazine over there.
Cosmopolitan also released b-cuts photos of Jennie while posing with Chanel’s perfume collection on Wednesday (27/06/2018). B-cuts are photographs that do not pass the selection for publication. Even so, Jennie still looks stunning with her poses.
In the photos, Jennie is seen posing on a green page of a typical European style house. There are also photos taken in the room. Jennie who usually looks so cool when in the MV or on stage suddenly look so innocent with the natural beauty that seemed to blend with the natural background.