Pogba is Just Publicly Criticized

Pogba is Just Publicly CriticizedPaul Pogba has just complained of judgment as the most criticized player in the media. Fellow in the French national team, Raphael Varane, called the kiritik did not affect Pogba.

Pogba, 25 years old, is indeed one of the most highlighted players. It’s just that there are two different sides that menderanya, ever become the most expensive player he is now called the most criticized player.

The former Juventus player was brought to MU for 105 million euros. Nominal makes Pogba become the most expensive player before replaced Neymar a year later.
Critics that appear after Pogba appearance with MU up and down. Well, now if you want, Pogba can make the 2018 World Cup Russia as a stage to answer the criticism. Pogba has started as a key player in France’s 2-0 win over Australia in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup.

Moreover, Verane rate Pogba not affected by the negative assessment. Pogba just ignore it.

“There’s a lot of negative news about him in the media, that’s a fact, we always try to be positive,” Verane was quoted as saying by Four Four Two.
“We’re looking for the best while out there people talk the worst, I think he wants to reveal that,” he added.

“But, he is not affected, he is always positive, if you can always maintain a positive sense, that’s cool,” he said.

After defeating Australia, France awaited Peru in the second match of the group stage C. The match was held on Thursday, July 21.