Pogba Confess Had Troubled with Mourinho

Pogba Confess Had Troubled with MourinhoPogba Confess Had Troubled with MourinhoRelations Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho at Manchester United had reportedly cracked. The French midfielder admitted there had been a bit of trouble.

Pogba had dibangkucadangkan by Mourinho in a number of matches 2017/2018 season yesterday. In the Premier League, one of the highlighted matches was against Huddersfield where the new Pogba was put in the 65th minute.
Being in the spotlight because in the previous match Pogba considered playing disappointing when appearing as a starter against Tottenham Hotspur. MU lost 0-2 in the game and Pogba pulled out in the 63rd minute.
In addition, Mourinho also stoke the 25-year-old in a game against Sevilla in the Champions League. At that time reportedly Mourinho began to believe less with Pogba.

Rumors then triggered other rumors related to the transfer. The future of Pogba at MU is speculated.
Pogba admitted there was a small problem with Mourinho, but not to enlarge.

“Yesterday was a better season than ever before – it was an experience, there were a number of issues with Mourinho, but in the end nothing happened,” Pogba told Sky Sports.
“Being a substitute, things like that, help you grow, I have to accept it,” he added.

Pogba played 36 times in all rounds with United last season, scoring six goals and 12 assists. The average playing time is 77 minutes.