Photo with Lion, Russian Woman Grown Up and Dragged The King of the Forest

A Russian woman who is visiting a safari park in Ukraine gets a bad experience while taking a picture with a lion.

Shortly after taking pictures with the King of the Forest, the woman was suddenly attacked by the beast.

The incident occurred in a lion cage at Taigan Safari Park in Crimea, Ukraine. Russian traveler Olga Solomina (46) visited the safari park after being attracted by the “walking with lion” experience offered by the venue by paying only 6,000 Russian rubles

Speaking to local Ukrainian media, Solomina admitted she was offered by the manager to be able to enter the lion’s den and take pictures with the beast. He also accepted the offer. But momentarily photographed together with the lion, Solomina was surprised when the wild beast suddenly attacked him.

The woman was also clawed and dragged by the lion before it can be saved by safari park officials. “The lion pulled my hand and dragged me on the ground,” Solomina told Crimea 24 television. “At that time I could only close my eyes.

I thought the lions would tear my body, “he added.” The lion dragged my body like a doll. It was only a few seconds, but it seemed to me very long. I think at that time I will die, “said Solomina.Lucky by the help of officers, Solomina survived by only suffering a number of minor injuries on his hands and had been treated in the hospital.From Safari Park Director Oleg Zubkov admitted, the incident is the first time since the opening of the safari park seven years ago.

He said the lion was attacked because of visitors who telag break the security rules. “In my view, at the time of the incident, the woman was a little drunk,” Zubkov told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. Also read: Leaving from the Stall, the Lion at the Belgian Zoo Shot Dead “We have not noticed before.

But during the safari trip I saw he was acting strangely by pulling the mane and the other manes. “” He also did not immediately want to go to hospital after the incident. During treatment of the wound, he instead asks for cognac rather than drugs, “Zubkov said.

But all the accusations of the safari park was denied and turned to say, he immediately wanted to call an ambulance to the hospital but banned.