Pay £ 12,600 and Fail To Get Rich Husband, This Woman Demands Dating Bureau

Some people choose to use dating services to help them find and find a life partner. As is done by this British woman who uses dating agency to find her ideal husband. Instead of getting a dream husband, this woman even sue the dating agency. What is wrong?

Tereza Burki, has paid £ 12,600 to join Seventy Thirty’s dating partner in the hope of finding a dream man, and the father of his son. As reported by The Sun, Tereza claims he expects a scientific approach to find his soul mate.

However, this 47-year-old woman revealed the matchmaking agency has disappointed her despite the many rich men available and qualified. Tereza has nothing to do with any of the men he likes and whose profiles have been shown to him.
Tereza’s lawyer, Jonathan Edwards, says his client is looking for a refund for trouble, frustration, disappointment, and frustration at not finding a partner.

“You should not promise to people who are in a fragile state of mind, in their mid-40s to find the man of their dreams,” Tereza explained.

Tereza claims that he expects an in-depth analysis of character, and a scientific approach to finding his soul mate altogether. However, the matchmaking agency even shows profiles that do not fit the criteria.
Tereza’s demands that took place in Central London were also opposed by Seventy Thirty. The dating agency sued Tereza for defamation after labeling him a fraud with a £ 75,000 (£ 1,4 billion) demands.

The lawyer representing Seventy Thirty company Lisa Lacob revealed that the database always supports a potential number that matches Tereza’s criteria. The agency also claimed Tereza’s claim to be a fraud and a malicious attempt to ruin his business. And this case still continues.